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introduction to Cpp 3

Introduction to C++ Programming

As the name suggest, C++ is a programming language based on C with some added features (represented by ++) which makes possible the creation of comparatively efficient programs. C++ programming inherits all the good features of C by filtering out some of the limitations of C. In addition, C++ programming also possesses some extremely new unique concepts which were not at all present in C. However, since C++ is based on C, it is extremely important to have a thorough knowledge of C. However, by chance you are not thorough with C Programming then you are strictly recommended to have...

Introduction to Inheritance 0

Introduction to Inheritance in C++

Let me introduce you to the concept of Inheritance in C++. Reusability is yet another important feature of C++. It is always nice if we could reuse something that already exists rather than trying to create the same all over again. It would not only save the time and money but also reduce frustration and increase readability. For instance, the reuse of a class that has already been tested, debugged and used many time can save us the effort of developing and testing the same again. Fortunately, C++ strongly supports the concept of reusability.The C++ classes can be reused in...

sizeof operator in cpp 0

sizeof operator in C++

sizeof operator in C++ is an unary operator which can be used to find the size of the data-type or expression or a variable. It returns the size of the memory allocated (in Bytes) by the compiler. Lets say, we want to find the size of the memory allocated to the data-type int. We can find it by using sizeof operator as shown in the below code:


As you can see, the above code calculated the size of int data type and displayed the result in C++.

Cpp Program 0

C++ program using two constructor to calculate minutes and seconds with hour as input from user

Write a class with name Time. Make a constructor which calculates the given time in minutes {if input time is 1hr, then the constructor should return 60minutes. }. Make another constructor which calculates the time in seconds. { if the input time is 1hr, then the constructor should return 60*60=3600 seconds}. Display the contents of both the constructors