Multiple Inheritance in C++

Inheritance in which a derived class is derived from several base class is known as multiple inheritance.

A class can inherit the attributes of two or more classes as shown in fig. below. This is known as multiple inheritance.

Multiple Inheritance in C++

Multiple inheritance allows us to combine the features of several existing classes as a starting point for defining new classes. It is like a child inheriting the physical features of one parent and the intelligence of another.

The syntax of a derived class with multiple base class is as follows:

where visibility may be either public or private.
The base classes are separated by commas.


Classes M and N have been specified as follows:

The derived class P, as declared above would, in effect, contain all the members of M and N in addition to its own members as shown below:

The main() function of the program based on the above defined class P may be written as follows:

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