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Program in Cpp to read three numbers and compute their average 0

Program in C++ to read three numbers and compute their average

The below program will accept three numbers from the user, compute their average and display it.


Note: The above program is written and tested using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

Understanding the program in Cpp 0

Understanding the program in C++

In this article we will understand the program written in C++ programming language in step-by-step manner. Consider the below simple C++ program that performs multiplication of two integers and displays the result.

Result of the above program:

Let us understand the above program in detail: Line 1 thru 2: This is a multiline comment. We have used it to describe the purpose of the program which is a very good programming practice Line 4: This is a single line command. Note: Comments are ignored by the compilers Line 5 thru 7: These are the header files that needs...

Write first Cpp Program using Microsoft Visual Studio 0

Write first C++ Program using Microsoft Visual Studio

This article will guide you to write first C++ program using Visual Studio 2008 and explain you step by step on how to create your first C++ program. Follow the following simple steps and you should be able to create your first c++ program without any issues: Open the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 application. Click on File > New > Project as shown below: On performing the above steps, following window will be displayed. Under “Project types:” select Visual C++ > Win32. At the right hand side, under Templates Select Win32 Console Application. Enter the Project Name in the Name...