Arithmetic Operators in C++

There are five arithmetic operators in C++. They are:

Operator Purpose
+ addition
* multiplication
/ division
% remainder after integer division

The % operator is also sometimes referred to as the modulus operator.

Example of the use of Arithmetic Operators:
Suppose that the x and y are integer variables whose values are 10 and 3 respectively. Several arithmetic expressions involving these variables are shown below, together with their resulting values:

Expression Values
x + y 13
x – y 7
x * y 30
x / y 3
x % y 1

In the above mentioned example, notice the truncated quotient resulting from the division operation (x / y), since both operands represent integer quantities. Also, notice the integer remainder resulting from the use of the modulus operator in the last expression (x % y).

Precedence of Arithmetic Operators:
Among the arithmetic operators, *, / and % fall into one precedence group, and + and – fall into another. The first group has a higher precedence than the second. Thus, multiplication, division and remainder operations will be carried out before addition and subtraction.

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